Rejected cinematic track. Any suggestions - why?

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Hello FlameMusic :slight_smile:

I believe that piece is good and it’s not really far from what AJ needs (imo)

I would change a few things, that’s just based on a personal preference…

  • Intro can be shorten, the piece takes a bit long to develop.
  • The cymbal sounds a lil bit out of place.
  • Between every section and the other there are no fx (reverse cymbal, white noise, gong etc…)
  • I am not feeling there’s a crescendo leading to anything at 2:12 also the lead strings fade out is a little bit too long. I would also not let the plucked synth go for that long so the video editor could use this pause more flexible.

Again, I could be wrong with some of the things I said but I will be watching the thread for someone more experienced than I am. :smiley:

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Many many thanks for good advices! I only don’t know if you can submit hard rejected track with such not big changes again…

Better not do it.
There are rules that say that an item must be changed fundamentally.


Ok. Got it.

too slow too sad