Hi, i am really new to GraphicRiver, I uploaded 2 logo template which got rejected

I have attached the last one that got rejected just now. Can anyone please tell me what I have done wrong or where can I bring improvements?

i am sorry but if the concept maybe interesting there is a bit of an issue - from where i sit - when it comes to the way u materialized the concept indeed … as for me, the global style is a bit “clipartish” and sort of a bit retro but not retro enough so that this can be sorted as such … i think that u have to inspire from modern trends, playing much with shapes being subtracted to the other with the pathfinder and such things . Actually , we can very well imagine that rather than having a stroke around shapes , u may have a gap - in other words as if u were giving the concerned stroke the background color … - this would immediately bring u into trendier and more modern styles … i also tend to consider that one of the issues is the following : the imbrication of both parts - text and illustration - is far better in the horizontal version than for the vertical one. i also regret that u did not echo the “b-like” bird wing in the typo part … at the moment, there could , i guess , be more harmony between the text and illustration, about the color and typo in particular … it also look like that u have no one color version (when this is required as fro i know) and if i were u i would try to avoid preview not really selling your item, where the illustration is not contrasting enough with the background


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, btw I didn’t get the last line “if I were U…”
And for all the other areas, I agree with you, I should have done those improvements, especially for the outline and making negative spaces. Thanks a lot, bro

what i meant by this is that u should not display screenshots in your preview that are not valuing your work enough, where u turn out to have contrast issues actually, which is a basic design principle issue and this “burying u alive” when it comes to the result of the reviewing …

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