Hey how can I get my money back


I bought JUST A FORUM but it does not have any instructions how to install it. I contact the author but he ignored me. I need my money back plz


On the top, click Help and then Support Center. You can email support to request a refund.


This is very frustrating, the worst experience I have. The author of JUST A FORUM needs to stop selling his items on this site if he cannot provide help


I understand your frustration. Unfortunately support is not required. You are welcome to leave a comment on the item to warn other potential buyers if you wish…


Support is completely optional for authors. Personally, I do not think any author should keep his/her items available if they are choosing not to provide support, but it is entirely up to them.

  1. What seems to be the issue, perhaps we can help.

  2. Have you looked at Vanilla as an alternative.

  3. I work with forums so happy to assist.


[removed authors personal details - dtbaker]


I would say don’t buy any of [author]. He has no time for support. His not answering his email either. And Envato takes too long to answer to tickets. I don’t think they should be in business if they dont have time to interracting with their customers


Hi Sanoo,

Support emails can take some time. It takes me up to 10 days to reply to my support emails, because I get so many.

Is there a readme file in your download? Is there a “help” folder or file in the download? Are you able to:

  1. unzip the download file to your desktop
  2. upload the files to a new folder on your website (eg: yourwebsite.com/my-forum/)
  3. tell us the names of the files/folders that were uploaded (eg: is there something called index.php or install.php?)

if you can provide those details to us here then the community would be more than happy to assist.




I have already did that. It is not working. There’s no information on what platform srcipts I should install it. And This is so simple, why the author is not answering his email and does not provide any support whatsoever? Go to his page where JUST A FORUM is posted. Nice demo how the forum functions. But zero information how to install it. Go to other items, the other authors even provide videos how to install their items. Why [author name] does not have any information how to install his item?

Guess what? He does not take customers’concerns seriously. He is degrading the quality service of this site for not answering to his comments , emails and providing support. His miscommunication is a potential threat to decrease prospective buyers.
Do u know how smooth it was going to be if he just said, hey what’s up, how can I help u?
This is very frustrating for me. I don’t have time 4 that.


Stop naming author, it isnt on mate.

I have offered to assist.

Dave has offered advice.

Does it occur to you, you may just be doing something wrong ?



What concerns me if that according to the item’s comments, you only asked the question 21 hours ago, and the author last commented on an item (not yours) 1 day ago. If you started this topic 12 hours ago, that means you only waited 9 hours!

It’s clear that he is active, but please don’t forget that this marketplace is worldwide (author may be sleeping whilst you are awake) and also that we are all human. Being that it’s a Monday, the author may have had other priorities to sort out before getting to yourself. I know it’s not nice to not hear from someone when you need help, but please don’t publicly bash an author via the item comments or forums because they didn’t reply within 9 hours. Just give them time and be patient.

Now, as other members have said. What in particular are you having difficulties with in regards to installing. Here are a few questions to help you out:

  1. What have you tried so far, did you see any error messages?
  2. Have you setup the database?
  3. Were you given any SQL to run, have you run this?
  4. Is there a configuration file at all (usually config.php)
  5. Have you entered the host, username, password and database name into a config file?

According to the item’s description, it states: “Quick and easy installation. All you have to do is access one page and provide log-in information for an administrator” so it looks as though all you need to do is set up an empty database, upload the files, and access the URL, and an installer will take you through the rest.


Support is optional, so only consider items where there is “Available support”. For me, I try to answer at 24/48hours. That is, if you are looking for instant support, then you should also see a label mentioning “Instant Support 24/24”.

Finally, there is a rate button; Just use it. There is no reason for this thread.


Sorry for the delay and check your email. Robert


After reading your comments on the item, and the rest of this thread, this is by far the most inappropriate forum thread I’ve seen in a while. It’s still less than 36 hours since your first comment was posted. Be patient, please.


Congrats on your first forum post Robert :slight_smile:


sometimes things are being so tough to us (authors).

do give some understanding to us.


I have the same problem. Bought a plugin that doesn’t work. Been waiting a month for they guy to respond to comments. He comes on once to say he’s back in town and sending out an update in a few days. That was two weeks ago. Now no responses again.

It’s ridiculous that there are products for sale on here that don’t work, provide no support, and no communication at all.

There are many free plugins that work better than these plugins!

Rip off!

tennjd said

There are many free plugins that work better than these plugins!

Rip off!

They aren’t obligated to provide support and it takes 2 minutes to find out if they are actively supporting their item.