Help with resubmitting hard rejected logo.


This logo has been hard rejected. No reason has been provided. I believe the rejection was unjustified and am inclined to resubmit.

Here is a link to my first logo. Same file formats, similar flat style, and it sold 3 times in less than a month.

Should I resubmit the logo as it is or is there something I need to change.

Any help appreciated.


I think its hard to understand that logo is actually a guy with vr headset.


Thanks for the feedback. Ofcourse with no reason provided, it’s impossible to be sure whether that was the problem.

I may not be able to judge my own work objectively yet having looked at recently approved logos and forum posts related to rejected ones other than mine, it seems that the individual or individuals responsible for logo reviews are either biased or oddly random.

I would go as far as to submit an official complaint. Is there a way to do this?


You can add heir color, nose and lips to make it more clear. Make the text a little bit larger and use tech/SciFi related fonts.


and he will get into too detailed a style and get hard rejected because here they consider logos in a tiny size … this is the only problem


hi, i basically think that u have a variety of issues to deal with , first of all, the fonts that u are using are quite usual and here , especially in the logo category they focus much on typo and typo combinations and they are the reason for many rejections indeed. Then, the global thing doesn’t look really good visually speaking and this may impact your item , either in possibly not getting accepted and even if it were , when it comes to selling. U should also forget about too small elements in a logo, they do not like them here … as i mentioned they consider the logo in very small size and consider that anything that cannot be seen well is kind of not appropriate. Finally @wearede was right , this is not necessarily super easy for all people to get to know what u are representing, u should try to make sure that it gets more obvious indeed