Help with Attyia theme

I am in urgent need of help from a real person! I am desperate looking where to get help and can’t find anyone to help me.

I purchased a theme called Attyia. I am having trouble finding where I can add more countries than the 3 (USA, UAE and UK) that it shows and also add more ages the the default ages (10, 20 and 30) when I try to add a new sponsorship.

And when a new user gets registered, no confirmation email gets sent to the person.

Can you help me get the answers that I’m looking for?

I would really appreciate it!

Hey there @ruthsanchez!

You’re in luck! Last time I checked, I was a real person!

So @wow-themes is the author of that plugin. I’m tagging them in here. They will be the ones who will be able to help you with issues specific to the theme.

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In case of need:

Hey @ruthsanchez

The author (@wow-themes) hasn’t been on this forum for almost a year, so just in case they have notifications disabled, you can contact them directly at this page for support:

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