Need help installing and customizing WordPress theme for one of our buyers


One of our buyers needs help installing and customizing one of our themes. We are currently not available to offer the installation and customization services ourselves.

Some additional information:

  • They have already bought the theme.
  • Their main language is Spanish and it is preferable if you speak Spanish too.
  • Also their site would need to be localized into Spanish language.

I cannot provide their contact information here, but I am going to give them the link to this thread. If you are interested please reply to this thread with your contact information.

I’m interested in. Please, keep me informed if you’d like to work with me:

You can check my references & previous works as well:

Very much interested in customizing the WordPress theme for your buyer. Awaiting your response.

Please tell your client contact me.

@ki-themes @Zaccc @crelegant @Loc_rabbirt - thank you all for replying! And sorry if I didn’t make it clear in the original post, but I am not going to contact you guys myself. I already send a link to this thread to the buyer and hopefully they will contact some of you for negotiation.