Help! rejected track.

Need support. Need help rejected track.
What did I make a mistake and how can I fix it ??

Hi SImusic!
your track is very nice!!! Very good melody idea! Maybe the problem is the form of the song.
I can suggest you to add a little bit variations (but no too much!), maybe a strings part (pizzicato and legato) in the final with one more time chorus.

Other details: there are something little bit offbeat and about the mix you can do better. More warm. For this you can use a reference track.

I hope you can get this track approved!

All the best

Thank you)

Hi Slmusic

It seems that the bass is electric … Maybe an acoustic better … I missed some variation in the music and an improvement in the quantization of the notes (bells, bass, percussion).

But it’s very beautiful, congratulations !!! Great track!