Help please can someone tell me why my templates are rejected

hi guys can someone tell me why my templates are rejected

hi, this is rather tasteful but have all sorts of things to fix or re-arrange …
the spacing is definitely not the right one. Spacing should not be taken lightly as this is a basic design principle and there is an impact on the professional feeling that the item inspires … Otherwise, the global organization of elements looks a bit random. why having the whole top and mid part flagged in the middle while the footer is flagged on the left ? this brings disharmony to the table and as this is a corporate item, this is not welcome, I guess u can understand. Contrast is also a basic design principle I would not go as far as saying that u are violating this point, but , however, contrast is not high enough in some cases , for some elements so that all that should be valued is really popping out as expected … Then, the bullet for the price is pretty inefficient … not only is this failing to pop out, but this fails to value the price, too (which is not catching much the attention),not to mention that the bullet are flat and really not that aesthetic and would require more work

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