Help needed by reject. It´s not my track enough level?

Hi everyone! even a great author here on AJ told me that my track have enough quality to being approved, but my track is rejected for: not enough quality standard comercial… Can anyone tell me some impressions? Not enough level? Some eq changes? Mastering chain? thanks a lot!

Weak composition, too monotonous and repetitive.

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where is the track?

have you even heard the music behind facebook videos? Probably not. It may be monotonous and repetitive but thats what it is. What about pop music? ah? Bet you don’t have to say anything about that.

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Can’t you see soundcloud link @Pandocrator?

Biggest problems
1 Bad sounding strings, they have lots of mids.
2 Also the track sounds atmosphere-less its very dry

And why is piano panned to the right? :smiley:

mix master could be more alive

And I would chnge the outro to something more musical rather than pure crash and noise fx

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First thing that jumped out at me was the velocity on the piano. You start off with a very nice muted guitar line but then the piano gets hit hard. Back off the velocity. Every chord seems to be struck the same way every time.

In fact, I hear no variance in the velocity throughout. It sounds like you recorded some loops and then used them throughout without any variation. I think this may be why the first responder mentioned it is too monotonous. It’s not the composition as much as it is the arrangement. Each part comes in with its line and then that is all it plays. You need to pass things around a bit more. Each instrument plays essentially one loop and you just make entrances with that loop, with no variation throughout. This will get you rejected every time.

There needs to be a human element to the playing, especially when you are using instruments normally played by people, as opposed to a dance track where things have always sounded a bit more programmed.

Hope this helps.

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Added to what other authors wrote, your instruments lack definition. It sounds muffled. The only thing that sound bright is the shaker. Your strings could be place more in the hi mid-treble. You need to give a place for each instrument to peak more than the others in the spectrum otherwise it sounds confused.

You have a problem with the volume balance between your instruments. It sounds very flat (too much limiting).

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: