Help Me, Why My Theme is rejected
themeforest say the reason is the quality of design although I have seen poor quality designs, and have been approved.
I can’t believe how that happened, Where is the error, where is the problem, the code is clean and the quality I do not think is not good, there is a reason I do not know?

any reason please :frowning:

no one can help me ?! I can’t believe how that happened :frowning_face:

I guess maybe the speed, it took me more than 15 seconds to load the page.

But overall, I really loved your theme, not sure why It’s not approved.

It’s too heavy. Take many seconds too load. The smoothscroll effect is too slow causing a poor performance feeling.

The first landing page needs improvement. For example, you need different screenshots for different page. Do not use the same thumbnails everywhere.

Each UI element is not bad, but in general, layout is not special. It can be found anywhere. So I suggest you come up with a more unique home page.

But first, agree with @DoughouzForest , speed needs to be improved!!!

please bro, If I fix speed, can I re-submitted it again?

Speed & the landing page & an unique home page


You are not able to re-submit any hard rejected item (Rejected)
Your Item have spacing problem & typographic