Theme get rejected and I need help to get it approve.

Hi All,

I’m new to Themeforest and I’m not able to find a clear guideline for the theme. They rejected this theme and I’m not sure why. If someone could provide feedback for me then that would be great.

Here is the message from the reviewer:

“We have completed our review of “xxx-xxx-xxx” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

greatly thanks for your help.


I just checked your item and sincerely, in this shape it will not be approved on ThemeForest. There is a huge quality difference between approved items and this one.

There are issue everywhere. I will point some of them:

  • Spacing problems everywhere;
  • Typography hierarchy is really bad;
  • Many elements seems to be default(bootstrap), not even changed a bit, which is really bad;
  • Logo needs improvements;
  • Footer elements are just thrown there :slight_smile:
  • Footer - too many Simple Works photos
  • Nav styling is really bad(hover);

Don’t know, I can’t see any element ok. My suggestion is to start learning some basic Typography, hierarchy and color combination courses. You can do this on or or any other free source. Then check some approved items and compare your item with them and see where you are wrong.

Good Luck!

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Thank you! I can see the issues now :slight_smile: