Is there a chance for my theme getting approve in themeforest ?

i’am new to themeforest, i finish my bootstrap theme and i want to tell me if my theme can be approved to themeforest.Thank you verry much


Creative And Unique One - :slight_smile: All the best :slight_smile:

Thank you my friend


Sorry to announce you, but the best will be a soft reject (which is very good) because you have some problems with spacing and alignment, responsiveness, logical structure and also typography. Use Google Chrome to simulate your website on different devices. Also, try on your own phone. On my phone it has some problems (i mentioned it earlier). Don’t worry; your idea seems to be cool :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

Pretty good, yes you have a change to be approved.
Good luck

Thank you friend, good luck with sales.

I really liked your template, good luck mate

thank you mate

Good job. Design is good. You need to improve typography and remove spaces between sections :slight_smile:

i understand .thank you

It`s awesome bro but i think it need more work on contrast.

yeam man i understand yhank you verry much