themeforest approval.

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nice to join with you.Hope all are doing well.

I need some help of you. I want an approval on themeforest for 1 of my theme. Below I submitted my theme link which I have built for themeforest approval.

I am requesting you to check the full theme and suggest me in where I have to improve so that I can get approval on themeforest for my submitted theme. All the best.

Logo will get you to hard reject right away. Only from the logo, I would say that it`s more copied artwork than crafted from scratch.

For the rest, most of the sections look incomplete.
“Our Services” all buttons are the same kind. I would “All service” at least do in different way.
The “Latest Blog” box looks messy. One of the images is even missing (it shows a missing icon).
All images are over compressed, pixelated and poor quality.

Hope this will help

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