Would anyone please review my template ?

Hello every body


plz… Please give me your review & suggestions i will change the products and … i am trying to sell it on themeforest and i hope it will not get rejected.

and i know the items are looking bad cause they have no desc no prices so here you go you can check this item{post} here




Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I think your item will be getting rejected.
I think you need more research and study about themeforest item quality.

I think your design quality is not ready for themeforest.

Try to make more unique and aesthetic design quality.

hope your item will be approved.


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Thanks for replying :slight smile:
Any idea please
like what exactly the main problems with it.
cause i really work hard on it and i really want it to get approved.

Go to Envato Themeforest and take a look on your chosen item category and success author.
how they designed and how was the design coding etc.
But do not copy anything at all from anyone.

Envato Themeforest has quality Full Product need to research and study for success.

Good Luck.

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Thank you i will do as you said Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi i am sorry to ask again :blush:

i got inspired by this theme

he is on themeforst he got approved and when i check it again its similar to mine (in the functions) i choose another design like you see in my theme link and of course the post will be changed befor i submit it but do you think the problem is from the design or responsive or image quality cause the designer that make the design for me he got lot of product on graphicrver that are approved so anything that can help pleas :disappointed:

you can take a look on that item what are missing on your item.

yeah, that the thing my theme have more than this one, it have email newsletter, about us… so you think if i change font or images… cause the niche of my template does not have lot of themes like it on blogger themeforest so its hard to see if it can be approved or not

Not bad though. Great work has been done. :slight_smile:

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As it is it is too raw to feedback properly on

Step one though - you need to make what you have properly responsive

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Thanks really if you have any ideas about what it can be fixed or changed just tell me :slight_smile:

any ideas on how to make this theme look more than just “Not bad” :slight_smile:

With respect, I would abandon this and start afresh

  • The fundamental typography and spacing are a long way off
  • Thre whole design needs to be made responsive

It may be inspired by that other one but the other template is a lot-lot more refined


i will change the font and of course i will change the way i am trying to make it responsive i see it, it’s not good :slight_smile:

true the other template its more clean and properly responsive

i tried to make it look more different that the usual blogger theme you know but its like it need more work i think

and you know its a template for selling items through affiliate programmes so … is that make it different or :sweat_smile:

Regardless - its a premium marketplace and the execution as much as the coding or even the intended purpose needs to reflect this

Well Thanks :slight_smile:

I have problem Error with the IMIC Shortcode: listings I have select the IMIC shortcode “listings”lem with template AutoStars…

why want to help me