My theme has gotten rejected

Hi, can someone explain why my theme got hard rejected. Thanks
here is the demo url :

Hi there:

I think that colors bad, error w3c, alignments and spacing, need better to typography change used other font (search google font), Need more improvement you themes for approved themeforest, regards.

Wih respect you are wasting your time trying to get this approved.

The one-page concept is so so so overdone and to have any chance in this category there has got to be flawless design and ideally, something very stand out in term of functionality or features.

The design itself feels very outdated and there are issues with typography especially the hierarchy, consistency, and styling i.e. full-width buttons do not look good, but even fixing these will no resolve the problem that new items, on the whole need to step up to a new level.

If you can code I would suggest talking to PSD authors and finding a partner with an approved design

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Hi jamal,consider removing the copyright of the website.I think templates should be submitted without copyrights