Why I get reject?


Please help me , I am new in themeforest and my item is rejected. I don’t understand why because in email not written reason. I put one my item which accepted and some other that modification after it but modified item is rejected.

This is my item which accepted : http://preview.themeforest.net/item/newenrgy-luxury-landing-html-template/full_screen_preview/19429040?_ga=1.94124826.629980829.1485931162

This is item which rejecterd : http://adzwedo.com/miqotest/giro

Please can help my why item is rejected?

sorry for saying that your items should not be approved and if they are approved, they won’t get sale

Please can you describe me problems with details in my item ? I can’t understand what I did not correct and why I will not have sales , I need understand with details for future themes which I will create . thanks

With all due respect I am amazed that first one was accepted. The design really is not great and it is full of basic fundamental issue with typography, spacing, margins, padding and more plus is completely broken on mobile.

Likewise with the second one - while it’s no where near as screwed up on as mobile it’s still not responsive, and (in my view at least) everything from hierarchy to typography, section padding and basic design needs a ton of work.

Again with respect it’s not about identifying specific things to work on as really everything needs attention - just look at the attention to detail and design features of top selling items already on the marketplace and you will see the difference.


Your themes is too basic for so rejected, colors, typography, spacing, padding, etc your need practice more html for accepted sell themeforest regards.

Sorry to say it, but … it is true mystery how the theme got accepted at first place.
Maybe the reviewer hit the wrong button :wink:

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