help me in a dispute

I bought a script, before that the seller did not warn that the script can only be installed on one domain, after the purchase the seller stated this

ok I agreed, now after some time, the seller again changed the rules for using the script, that is, now if you put it on a certain house and server, then the script is tied for two years to a certain server ip address and a certain domain, now the situation is like this, the server address has changed, but the seller says, now if you want to use the script on another server ip address, then buy another license, that is, I have to pay for the same product every time, if for example I move to another hosting, then I have to pay again

Is this right?

That’s a grey area on many levels.

  1. The seller doesn’t need to warn people that envato’s licenses are for a single use per license.

  2. They can’t set 2 year restrictions on anything. An envato license is for lifetime use and authors cannot add their own conditions to alter that.

  3. The changing hosting or server issue is one that different authors handle differently.
    Technically the item has been used/activated in one project so the project on a different hosting etc could be seen as a new activation or project (otherwise it opens up a lot of potential for less genuine buyers to exploit it).
    That said a lot of authors do enable the ability to register/dregister and do this but they are not obligated to.

ok i agree use it only for one domain but if i want to change domain, for example, forgot to pay for a domain and the domain was blocked, or the domain was stolen, and what should I do next, I think the seller should close the old license for the old domain and provide a license for the new domain, isn’t that so, otherwise if the old domain is gone, then you have to wait two years until the seller gives a license for another domain

and which domain I will use, it is my business, even though the rules say only for one domain, I agree, fine, but if I want to change the domain, then the author is obliged to provide a license for the new domain, and just disable the license for the old domain

now regarding the server address, the seller also binds the script to the server ip address for two years, and to move to another server, you need to wait two years until the seller gives a license for another server ip address, out of greed the seller comes up with such wild rules

I understand that, but if the server’s ip address has changed, or I want to move to another server, what should I do, because the seller also binds the script to the server ip address for two years, can you imagine, friend, out of greed, what kind of stupid manipulation does the seller do?

now, in order to transfer my site to another server, I have to pay extra money for a new license, why should i pay more money, just because the server ip address has changed?

not a friend, you can imagine the absurdity of the situation, script for two years, binds to the server ip address))))))

I want to listen to people’s advice, maybe I’m wrong and the seller is doing everything right

The 2 year thing is nonsense - unless you bought the item direct from the authors and agreed to entirely different terms then that part is irrelevant.

In fact if they are trying to enforce that then you should contact envato and report it as it breaches their author agreement.

In terms of the domain, server etc. logic says you are right.

That said restricting installation is the only way for authors to protect their items in some way (even then it’s a fairly easy solution to circumnavigate).

Without this then less genuine buyers could just buy one copy and keep using it over and over again which damages author earning and the terms of envato’s license.

The issue is that some authors are big and have the resource to manage registration and license management but others are 1 man bands without the time or technical skills to do this, hence why they stop at more simple installation or IP limiting.

I understand what you are talking about, but now I can’t install the script on any domain simply because the script is tied to the old server ip address for two years

Envato store says, sort it out between yourselves with the seller

I will not leave it like this on principle, so that sellers do not make such manipulations in the future and do not torment buyers

in short, I bought the product and I can’t install it because it’s tied to a domain that no longer exists, and to a server ip address that has also changed, and it turns out I bought it and can’t use it

this is just some kind of bullshit

If you’re installing the script on a server with an IP address instead of domain and if you change the IP address, you will need to purchase a new copy as it’s considered as a new project. Instead of using the IP address, you should use a domain name so when the IP changes, you can just easily change the IP address on your domain configuration and you can keep continue the script.

What the author states is not changing the domain name for two years after the activation - which under the Envato policy, he may refuse to change the domain name completely.

It’s a new end-product, you will need to purchase a new copy.

This is not politics, this is called a scam and deception of buyers, I bought a script, the seller should not care what domain or ip address I put it on, and if my domain was stolen, what then?

I’ll say it again, I installed a script on the domain

I have been using envato stores for a very long time, and this is the first time I see such a seller, and the store still supports such a seller

I’ve been buying from this store for a long time

other sellers are just nice people

it’s like if a person bought a car, lost the keys, and they tell him to get new keys, he needs to pay the cost of the car again

I won’t buy a license on principle, although it’s small money, now what happens, I can’t use the script, and I just lost money to this scammer?

Envato policy states clearly that you’d need a new copy in case of it happens. It’s your responsibility to keep your domain and hosting safe/secure.

Changing the domain means it’s a new end-product and you will need to get a new copy. Seeing your attitude with your language that is being removed by the moderators on public here, I can just image the conversation between you and the author and if you have the similar approach, it’d also effect the author’s respond.

No, it’s not. It’s like you lost the car ( or the engine ) and just because you paid one, you’re asking the second one for free.

Well, what I’m talking about is that yes, the seller can give another license out of pity, but the situation itself is that the script is tied to a domain or server address for two years, that’s wrong

it is correct if the seller gives another license for another domain, if it so happens that the buyer has lost the domain, or the server address has changed

if the seller had honestly written on the product page that the script is tied to one domain and server address for two years, then the buyer would have already decided

by the way, from the very beginning, he had rules only for one domain, I bought his product with certain rules, then he changed the rules, and the fact that the script is tied to the domain and the server for two years, the seller did it later, after the purchase

By the way, the seller gave me a license, but as an incentive, supposedly out of pity, I don’t like it, I don’t need handouts, I’m not a beggar

I want everything to be done fairly, I don’t want other customers to be treated like this in the future

It sounds like your situation is resolved now but to prevent future confusion for anyone - there’s a lot of things here that don’t seem accurate and need to be clear…

  • the 2 year thing is nonsense. The author cannot dictate the rules of envato’s license

  • the author cannot issue new licenses (only envato can). They can only release the existing one

  • the single installation/use/domain element is part of envato’s license so wouldn’t be something authors include in item pages or marketing because buyers agree to it when signing up and buying items.

so the salesman gave me a license a long time ago, but as an incentive, out of pity, supposedly, but I don’t need handouts, I’m not a beggar, I don’t use this license on principle

this is simply absurd, and if the domain is lost, or the server ip address has changed, then what, wait two years until the seller pity and gives a license?

Do you understand the absurdity of the situation itself?)))))))

as I understand it, according to the store rules, the seller does not have the right to bind the script for two years to the domain or to the server ip address, is that true?

As explained - there is nothing related to two years in the license.

Authors can install ways to safeguard a single installation and registration (as per the license).

Some authors allow buyers to de-register where an item is being used and to re-register it elsewhere but they are not obligated to do this and some see this as creating multiple different uses which goes against envato’s license.