Any Envato staff here?

hi all to Envato Support Team,
Please tell me what to do with this author…
[item removed]
this author is telling us that Envato does not let us install this item more then 1 time.

please help me

He’s right. You need to purchase another copy if you want to install it again. If you don’t have the license, he could send a notice to your hosting provider and he could get your website down

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are you from Envato support Team?
i have same domain, of course i can install as much as i want to , imagine, you buy a script, and you want to work on it :slight_smile: of course you will install several times before you publish it :slight_smile:

He is correct. 1 license = 1 use! This has nothing to do with “unpublished / development” tests. If you have and you need 2 licenses. if you have you need 2 licenses.

If however, you have and then I believe one license is enough.

@KingDog, can you please confirm this? Cheers!

i have try to install on same domain so it is 1 domain, but he keep telling us that they will install it, and i dont want to let them in to my servers. what can i do?

My suggestion would be to create a separate account ( so your admin account is not shared ), and allow the author to help you. I understand your worry to share admin details, that’s why I recommend a separate account, but, in order to get the best service, especially if you are failing to install it yourself, it’s best to let the author, in some way or another assist you if he wants to. As an author here myself, I can tell you that we’re only here to help you and sell our products. We have absolutely no intention of “wrecking” your page. The best course of action is to create a separate account, with limited functionality. Your administrative account will be safe, and the author will be able to install the product for you.

well, that means that every tim ethey mak e a new update i have to ask them help, i dont need their help, they just can tell me what to do. i dont want them in my servers, and i will not create extra accounts for them, i have on Envato about 4 different accounts, i for my company 1 for me 1 for my wife and 1 for our hobby projects :slight_smile: i have spend here on Envato more then 1000 dollars and never had this kind of support or this kind of problems with any authors, i have buyed alots of script here and not even 1 author saied anything like this. if you read the comments on the item comment page, you can see, everybody is having same problem with this author

Well, in that case there are 2 options you can take.

  1. Learn how to use the programming languages used in the product, and figure out the steps necessary to install the script plus all adjustments required to your server.
  2. If you believe the item is actually broken, open a Refund Request and if the author rejects it dispute it with Envato on the base that the item is broken. If in fact it is truly broken, you will get your money back.

These are the only courses of action you can take, or my initial suggestion. Cheers!

i did that, but they refuse to give my money back

and i’m able to write code, but i dont get support i wsh

In that case, where there is a difference of opinion, I recommend disputing with Envato. They don’t favor any side and treat the matter with neutrality. In the refunds sector where the author rejected your refund request, you can dispute your claim with Envato or directly contact get in touch with Envato Support directly ( do not use the Request a Refund Button, fill in the form ) and dispute your claim that the item is broken.

Envato will investigate further and if your claims are correct you will be reimbursed.

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[item removed]

just go there and read the comments :slight_smile: you will see what i mean

Posting items on the forums is against the community terms of service. I’ve removed it and kindly ask you not to repost items on the forums. Please go through the appropriate channels mentioned above! :slight_smile:

The items you’re purchasing here are tested by Envato. Once the item is ready for sale, in theory, it’s your responsibility to install and use it. The author has rights to not to provide any support if it’s listed as unsupported

Beside that, sometimes, it’s much more easier to install the system rather than guiding someone. I’m also an author and when I suggest how to perform changes ( even though it’s stated on the documentation ) then I got another request “How to do that”