License transferred to new owner.

Hello all,

sorry for my english, if possible, please answer in german :slight_smile:

I would like to pass on my license because I am selling the project incl. domain.

How does that work exactly ?

Does the new owner have to register here and enter the purchase code somewhere ?

Maybe someone can help me.

Many thanks

Hi @michach76,

Unfortunately! license transfer are not allowed. You can provide the purchase code to your client to use for their website.


Thanks for the feedback.

However, this is not very favorable and perhaps should be changed.

I have lifetime updates with the license.

I can not provide the customer for years, because with the purchase he has a theoretical right to it.

Maybe you should rethink your concept with the licenses.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Best practice will be purchase license from the client’s own account. So that they (clients) can get access for lifetime free update and support from the Author for any technical queries.

Thank you so much!

That’s right,

However, this is not a customer of mine, and he also has no account here.

I bought the script for myself and now I want to sell it because of a new project.

If I would make a project for a customer, your way is the right one.

But how does it work in my case, there must be a way for that?

You are selling it as part of a project thought right?

You are not trying to just sell the item “as is” when you bought it?

Yes, exactly, the project is already in place.

It should be sold as a whole with domain etc…