Help me, I need a refund

How can I request a refund directly from ThemeForest?

I am reaching out to request a refund

On the day of my purchase, I tried to initiate a refund directly through the author’s page

  1. Installation Issues: I attempted to install the theme three times. Each time, it caused disruptions to my site, making it non-functional.
  2. Urgent Project Deliverable: The primary reason I purchased this theme was an urgent project deliverable. Regrettably, due to
  3. Completion Without The Theme: I had to resort to alternative solutions and managed to complete my project without using the purchased theme.
  4. Refund Request: I am earnestly requesting a refund of my money. It has been a frustrating experience, and it

Given the circumstances I’ve outlined, I kindly ask ThemeForest to reconsider my refund request. I trust that Theme

Thank you for taking the time to review my

Warm regards,

You have to submit a request via envato - link at the bottom of this page Can I get a refund

Before posting for refund in forum, have you contacted with the author? Maximum authors take at least 24 hours to resolve the issue because of high ticket volume. Before proceeding any purchase you could ask author regarding their support policy / other inquires. Please follow the link for refund request: Refund Details

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