help me friends why my item social media have been rejected

Overall looks amateurish and cheap. You have issues with spacing, alignments, hierarchy, contrast, colors

to be honest , once u have prepared the elements , i guess that it must not take over 5 minutes to create this item … i think that u have to see a little from another perspective and consider yourself as a buyer in this case. Indeed , i assume that if u were doing this “job” or “effort” u would probably come to the conclusion that u would not buy this item as too simple and as u could redo it quite quietly and quickly without having astounding photoshop skills … in addition, this is not as if , in this minimalistic context, all turned out to be perfect, really harmonious and free from some possible critiscism … let’s face it, at this stage, the hierarchy is not onderful, and could definitely be improved, , the typo looks rather old and flat , there is an issue with harmony of colors and about matching themed codes, as well by the way , not to mention that this blue coming out of the blue is not even efficient and “call for action button”. U may have not identified this, too, but multiplying bullets is not a super good idea in the first place but when u mix squared ones with circular ones, u come to a situation where u are killing the harmony of the rest. Some text are also pretty hard to read as they are laying upon complex backgrounds , that means a background with elements , where they cannot pop out … not to mention that , as the choice of the font is not a huge one, the too thin font actually doesn not help to value the text to say the leats … buy now is not a secondary and should be central for whoever wants the item to be efficient , with what u have this is a bit lost in a sideway. I also recommend that u invest some time to create a professional logo to introduce so that there is a bit of an idea of branding in what u have done … finally the torn paper is super trendy at the moment but to be honest , looking this artificial this is making no favor to your design …

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