Please Suggest to me, why Rejected the Facebook Banner Design?


First of all, I would refuse to type with serifs in this subject, because for example, they direct me to more formal areas of activity. The exclamation mark ran away from the word. The pictures are pretty nice. Using the numbers of the United States is commendable, if you are not from there :grin:, since it seems to me that the main buyers of envato are in the USA, the only thing that I added is ( + ) for Example, +1 234 567 89 00. It seems to me that the words (GET and OFF) are not on the same line, and there is no alignment of these words on the sides, relative to their lines. I would still use the logo, instead of the usual word in the circle, it helps to better present it to the buyer, use at least the most primitive, but without it is not very.

Sincerely and have a nice day!

hi maybe because this is not particularly original, not particularly well executed and definitely not worked out indeed at the stage … lots of guys try to create minimalistic things indeed this is a huge mistake , this will end tp kill our profession , do we really want to have robots replacing us out of failing to bring original and worked items enough ? i answer no … at the moment what u have is half of the canvas made of black color with no texture , no effects, no melted picture , nothing but black color … the typo i do not even know if we can call this this way is everything but close to standards here … u have no originality , no harmony, no variations and font combinations and this creates a whole lot of problems in terms of hierarchy of information, impact, readability, harmony, attractiveness and so on … not to mention that texts are not properly aligned too
the fake logo is just a symptom … u and revealing that u created your thing too quickly without making the required efforts providing the right attention to what u have been doing and so on … think about it , at this stage , the potential of your item is very limited … even if u had faced a miracle and that the item had been approved, i can tell u u would not have been selling this item … people would rather redo it and take not over 10 minutes to do so as such rather than spending money to buy , sorry to say just this , i do not say this to hurt u or whatever but to make u really realize of all the efforts that demanded here in terms of work, attention, creativity and many other things so that items cam make it for sale and after that manage to sell … especially in such a very saturated environment as the one we have today …

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thanks for advice. it’s really true !

u are welcome , keep doing your best , think about what i told u , take your time … good job and good luck if u have enough clues then just click the “solution” box :slight_smile:

If I do Solutions this design , then Could I re-submit this design ?

definitely as this implies very major changes , if u do properly … i would suggest to repost first to check if u did well enough in modifying though …


Please see the attach re-design, Now could I re submit this design,

I don’t see why you would include the phone number and website on a non clickable image on a network where contact info is listed dynamically just below.

That info doesn’t really fit where it is either

Personally the logo placeholder doesn’t help, and only having a single variation rather than the same design adapted for other posts/uses or having different versions of just this cover

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this is really way better this one buddy , definitely , especially when it comes to the background , beforehand u use to have plain color and inconsistent background now u have something which looks classy and worked out indeed , i like much this part … as far as the typo goes this is not perfect yet but this is globally far better too , u still have a small issue of spacing with get 35% but this is quite ok all the same … however the way bigger issue that u have is still about the logo thing … first all this is not in keeping with z-shape reading and thus looks strange and isolated but this too simple thing that u have put out there is damaging your design in a general way … invest some time to create something that looks credible and professional , all details matter and this is in your interest the preview will look better again …

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u see u have a clue of the things that will take u to the next level now, this did not work this time but don’t worry the efforts u made are paying and on the longer run will help to either to improve again and also to identify and evaluate a bit more what u are expected to do for the marketplace :slight_smile: