help me friends why my item social media have been rejected again

Spacing and typogrpahy are not good and you would need way more than just one design /variation on it’s own

hi, i see a good variety of problems with this one … here we go

1- font pairings
for me , sorry to say just this but not only the paired fonts are not working well with each other but this is also making very little sense to have such a discrepancy between two parts of a title so that , ultimately, one seems to prevail much over the other one …

2- typo
the real issue is the fact that the typo seems completely disconnected from the rest of the design indeed. o u realize that u have a guy dressed in a very corporate and rather old fashion style being paired with eroded font, english like font and futuristic one … where is he guide line in all this pls? as for me i fail to understand what this is …

3- who is being addressed
sorry but as for me i fail to identify who is the target with what u have this far and to be honest , the thing looks a bit like a “fashion” item while there is nothing transpiring this through the visual part …there is no reference at all apart from the picture of this guy on the left and to be honest , even with it , i cannot say that there is more than “suggesting” what the “activity” is … u leave people guess rather than any other thing

4- hierarchy
well , do u realize that “friday” is not so readable and not so visible? black friday is “selling argument” and this is not being valued at all here … and the 55% off should be more than valued as this is what a potential buyer would like his customer to notice almost in the first place (in order to push to buy)

5- harmony
once again, i do not see any guideline , i can understand the black color, this is fine, but the blue seems to come out to the blue, especially placed right next to a sort of “greyscale frame” where there is nothing but white, grey and black

6- spacing
i also for this try to find a logics or a guideline … the thing is that it seems u have been placing the different text a bit randomly and that the spacing resulting from it is nothing but looking completely failed , besides, for me, by doing so, u end up violating the proximity basic design principle in the end …

7- call for action button
indeed , u have invented a new type of button lol the call for action button calling for no action lol sorry i am kidding a bit but this is just to emphasize the problem with it, nothing personal, ok? what i mean by that is that this kind of button is meant to arrant people’s attention and if u put this type of decoration and so on to the button, this is clearly not pushing anyone to click … i n most cases, such buttons are in flashy colors … look at dribbble, look at envato and so on and u will see what i am referring to … when people want u to press somewhere , they “hypnotize u” with some flashy colors that will bring your eyes upon them …

8- footer
the footer is way too close from the call for action button and they are vampirizing each other … this is clearly not a good idea and apart form taking out the impact of the items, u are making th user even more confused to what is what and decrease again the impact that the call for action button would have