My Instagram Stories Rejected

Where is the design on this? Anyone can place a shape and a text over a picture in minutes without any design skills.

hi let’s face it, as @DesignSomething mentioned in a way that was a bit “raw” LOL is that u need to push the envelope graphic design wise, as , at this stage, the commercial potential of your item is limited anyways … think about it, why would anyone buy something if they do not really save time … they would opt for redoing rathe thank buying … not to mention , if your item and typo are sort of fair they are not flawless all the same … u have small issues of imbrication here and there when u finally introduced font combinations ,… and besides , this is hard to understand why u have some in only one of the screenshots and the other ones do not have any … the problem is that i mention has an impact on the hierarchy of information that could be better again … BTW, talking about hierarchy , one of the major issues u have at this stage is that the branding is not properly done as the logo , brand are almost nowhere to be seen right now … i mena they are definitely not valued indeed and i assume that,for this kind of item, this is a mistake

@n2n44 You seems like very kind person and an awesome artist.

I am also learning from community to start selling on envato.

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hi indeed, these kind of pictures can be found in many stock websites , but u will have to buy them … so basically u have to wander if this is that u can afford or not …