why my Instagram post template was rejected

Any feedback please!


This is very easy to design like 5 minutes, error typography, too basic.

Thank you.

Well you said too basic and easy to design like 5 min!
How long time is needed to design something like this? Is it difficult? :

This is your design as well.

this in years 2019 or 2020 but not now. this design is good quality (spacing, etc)

you can see other example designs trends 2022 or 2023 in pinterest, graphicriver, etc…

Yes that’s for 2019 but spending the time is same. So if you say 5 min design, it’s not a pro feedback. But talking about spacing or fonts or colors etc. is something else.
I can see some items in Envato for 2022 that are so simple and accepted! I thing it’s better that when they reject an item, explain more and better.

This work has accepted…

Anyway, thanks for your words and feedback.

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Color combination is very good.
The male model is very bad cut ( cutted in half ) and i see white at the top of the hair so erase it better.
You can do more with the head titles to me it pop out. Choose bigger or bolder font.
Align the download cv text with the profile text.
Overall it’s not bad.

Mate! we are talking about an Instagram puzzle post. Check the first post.

There are many issues with your instagram puzzle post

  • No concept. Some random shapes without any idea looks confusing.
  • Bad typography, the fonts that you choosed doesn’t work well together.
  • Social media posts needs to be swipe stopper. No one will stop and click on this.
  • Everything looks cheap and done in hurry. Never copy and paste the same Lorem Ipsum.
  • If this is your item presentation looks wierd without images. The client need to see the final product.

Nice feedback. Could you please tell me your opinion about this on:

It has the same issues

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It may be got rejected because you’re not a page admin or you are using a personal account or professional account.

Of course I am a page admin.
I use a personal account as well, so if it is a personal account they don’t accept me? I have filled W8 form.