Why was I rejected from Envato

Hello, I have uploaded the attached images to Envato (Photoshop Document). But I was rejected. What is the reason?

Is there any that can help?

Hey, sorry for the rejection! And Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

What were you aiming to create with this project? Presentation slides? Something else?

Either way it looks too simple and I think that’s the main reason for rejection. First it’s only 5 designs, so if it’s small package better make it really good and unique. But your designs contain just a box and few lines of text + logo. Like that’s a very basic combination that anyone can create in a few minutes. Why pay for this template then?

There’s nothing new, or interesting. And the compositions as is lack any “spark” or intricate details which would make the images even if boring but at least a bit more captivating to look at. But again without knowing what you were aiming to create it’s hard to advice what exactly could make it better.

Anyways don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and you’ll get there! :wink:


You need more job “power point” as more 50 pages.

hi globally there is a lack of graphic design …u need to push the enveloppe and bring more originality to the whole thing. The goal of the item is are to identify … what is the item all about ? this should be clear without having to tell …the typo is very basic lacking originality , lacking variations and font combinations indeed and typo is much of an issue not matter in which category u are posting anyways … at this stage u are miles away from what they expect in terms of typo , u have a good effort to do about it …

for instagram