Feedback on rejected item

Recently one of my submission, Instagram post template, got rejected with reason unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

Would appreciate if you could share your feedback on it.


For me, thats the typo. Especially font between title and the address. Try using simple and clean font instead of handwriting font.
Thats good design, but i thing u choose wrong font.

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Thanks for your feedback. Actually, I choose a font called Freestyle Script for that part at first. But later found that it’s not free for commercial use. So, I choose a different font.

Is it allowed to submit the same item with some changes after first rejection?

I got it.

Thats hard reject bro, you cant submit that item again. U must submit another item which is different with that item.

hi as for me i rather like what u have here , especially the combination of colors, the background effect and the originality … though this is not perfect and the most important issue that u have here according to me is as regard to the organization of elements on the flyer … all is completely situated in the center and on sideways this is absolutely empty , which ultimately creates a real disblance unless you make the thing turn not harmonious anymore indeed …
in addition, u have small issues of spacing here and there are contrast is everything but optimized , as some texts are definitely not popping out and even a bit hard to read in the end …

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