Help me friends what's wrong with this flyer template

hi buddy, sorry to say just this but I would rather tell u the ugly truth so that u can evaluate the work left for u to do to get to the next steps , so to speak … indeed, here, there is close to no work at all at the moment. the background is too simple, the composition is too raw and lacking finition (the main title , too, by the way) in the best scenario or is not properly executed if there is any finition. The good example to illustrate just this is about the shadowing. Texts are not outstanding and the typo is still far from GR’s high level standards. The spacing is wrong, which has a negative impact on the global feeling being generated by the product u have created. The disposition of texts by the way is also making u face breathing problems since some texts are placed too close from the edges and result in a “choking” effect