HELP! Item rejected

Hi guys I’m a new author here and I have posted a powperpoint presentation template which has been rejected. I want to know why


hi, can help you better if you share screenshots

Thanks QuickC, I have uploaded some screen shots as example. I would appreciate your help

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first of all nobody can be sure why your product was rejected but we can only be found in the advices.

and my advice; you should color your design more, create a color combination, especially with icons and images.

(some of the reasons for rejection may be that the designs are very similar. you need to work out a remarkable design to overcome it)

I can also recommend changing the fonts you use.

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Thank you very much. I will work on your suggestions

hi indeed, i do not agree , sorry … this maybe indeed an option but why would anybody opt for necessarily colorizing a concept that had been thought of as a black and white thing? if some people like colorful things, some may like b&w too, otherwise, i guess that photographers would never use this option indeed and i tend to believe that the problem today is that we are imposed some styles and so on , supposedly about some trendy (and thus selling) trends , in the end this is how u ended up with tens and tens of 4 th of july templates based on typo and which had no sale at all despite they had been given a slot in the first page of search engine results …

all this is killing originality and creativity …

otherwise for possibly similar designs, so i guess that no other design should be accepted in this markplace as there are so many tons that there is necessarily something that has a likelihood and goes through all the same , so why select one over another in this case … this would look arbitrary … besides some guys copy their own styles and make hundreds of items out of changing a small thing and saturate the market this way, this is how they end up with thousands of items in their portfolio (most of the time very average works …)

the thing that i agree with this is as regard to typo, as for me i think this is not matching with the style and the font used seems outdated in terms of style if u ask me

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You are quite right but I gave this suggestions because I also experienced similar situations. I am against the rejection of the works in terms of design styles. but must tell to Reviewers

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Thanks for your reply. I am agree with you. But I am also agree with the marketing tendencies. Some companies policies are very restrict about it