[Help] Complain about an item and author on Codecanyon

Hi there,
I’m glad to being a part of this nice community for many years.

I have an issue with this item [link removed by mod - https://forums.envato.com/tos ] and with it’s authors.

I have bought this app because they claimed that it has secured api url in the description. Before I buy I read the whole conversations about security from the other buyers, but the authors strongly said that the API is secured for more details call us on Skype! this is their responses to everyone on comments section.

That’s why I’ve bought the app and unfortunately I saw that there is a big security issue on that php script and apk regarding the API. The issue is that when you upload anything in your server with a specific url everyone can see every details on your server. I’ve proved that the issue is still there and it’s not secured API, and I wrote in item comment’s section but after 5 mins the authors holded on my comment(it was wrote This comment is currently being reviewed.) https://i.imgur.com/jKnzCqo.png and today 8 April 2019 I saw that my comment has been deleted I don’t know if the item authors has permission to delete my comment or not. But the truth is my comment has been deleted for no reason!
I have a copy of that comment, with all screenshot bug proves on the item. [I don’t know if it’s follow the rules or not that’s why I didn’t put it here]

I’ve talked to them on Skype and asked for refund they rejected and they said wait we will update the item and will fix this issue, but they still say the apk and php script has not any security issue but at the same time they say we will updating it just wait for us.

I’ve talked to them on 3th April 2019 and told them that issue, they said wait we will gonna update it but its still nothing and finally I aksed for refund they reject it and not talk nicely with me, the guy said we don’t have time to fight with you…

I’m totally not happy with support and their treat with me and even I can think that they are lied to their buyers because they wrote:

  • Secure API Url

But unfortunately it’s not!

What do you suggest me to do?
Thank you!

Authors do not have the permission to delete comments, they can only be deleted by the Envato’s Staff. Authors can only flag comments.

If you’ve found security issues, and the Author of that product said they will update their product, then allow them a couple of days to do so (depending on the complexity of the issue).

If they fail to patch the security issues, you’re entitled for a refund.

As for the false advertising, “Secure API Url” can mean a lot of things (for example that it uses an encrypted connection), it’s really not very descriptive, if you think the Item has a misleading description, contact https://support.envato.com and explain them the situation.

If you have any doubts in regards with a feature of a product you’re interested in, always ask before purchasing - it’s better to know upfront what you’re buying.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply.
I’ve talked to them today again, and they still says that there is not any bug in our code but wait we will gonna update the item on codecanyon in 2 days.
I told them what if the issue is still stayed there? Would you refund and confess that your code is buggy? The guy on Skype said our code has no issues we are tested it by ourself and upload to codecanyon.

My issue is that I can’t communicate with them, they will not to understand what I’m saying.

If it’s not break the rules I want to put the prove of their buggy code here.


Please do not publish any security related bugs publicly, it may harm other users of the product in cause. This is a mere forum, and making the issue publicly here will not help anyone.

If they’ve said they couldn’t find any bugs, but you do have evidence that there is indeed a bug, feel free to open a support ticket at https://support.envato.com explaining them the situation.

To open a refund request see: https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new - keep in mind that your refund request will first be reviewed by the Author of that product, and they can decline it - however you can always escalate the ticket, so that an Envato Staff member looks into it.

Good luck.

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