Hello I have a question!

Hello, my name is Marcus I’m a composer with some experience and I’ve uploaded tens of tracks to AJ and they are always rejected. I can’t belive my tracks are so harsh and horrible in such manner as I’ve sold them before. Well, I have two SC pages where I post every noise I make:


The songs I’ve submitted are here:

hey mate, well, i listen to some of your stuff, maybe they are a little “too artistic” not “too comercial” in my humble opinion,

Did you get permission to reproduce Chariots of Fire?


I don’t think you can do remixes of commercial tracks on AJ (unless you have permission of course, don’t forget to add it when you submit the track). But it sounds very good to me! :slightly_smiling:

Second track is a bit too much solo. Good on its own, but if you would use it with a video, I think it would distract too much from the images. Better is to work with a (simple) melody and build up your instruments and arrangement around that.


Thank you for the advices. For sure I submitted only my own songs for AJ, I’m not that crazy :slight_smile:

What about this song? I started it today specifically for AJ:
Is this suitable for AJ?

Thank you.

Yes, I think so. Very nice melody, you should work arround that.