Rejected tracks

Help!!! All my tracks, and 70 of them have already received a hard refusal, here are a few of the last ones, tell me what needs to be changed ???

The first track has a poor choice of orchestral libraries, they sound a little unnatural. The idea and melody are not very suitable for AJ in terms of commercial value.
The other 2 tracks: good melody, could have made a good song, but not background music for AJ. The sound is a little outdated in the spirit of the Russian stage of the 90s, some instruments sound very unnatural. It is not clear what kind of genre it is (specifically for AJ)
I know it might sound trivial, but listen to music that sells well on the market, not the $ 5 music, as its high sales are often not due to good quality.Use modern libraries and samples. Understand that no one listens to music from AJ for pleasure, it should only match the mood of the video well.Most importantly, this is just my opinion, don’t take it as a rule

Thanks a lot, your advice will help me.