Hello, I have a problem with one module (t-shirt ecommerce)

suddenly it is not possible to upload images to the module even in the backoffice, and not even the customer in the frontoffice can upload his image or photo. And that is the main point of the module. Support for the module has already been canceled by the seller and I can’t move with it. Would there be someone here who could help me with this? I will be happy to provide details + screen recording videos. It’s quite urgent for me and I need to fix it as soon as possible - maybe it will just be some kind of credential thing. Recently, an external person simplified our code, so I don’t know if he accidentally banned someone there. If anyone could help with that. well thank you

If you’re looking for some paid support/service, I’m available.

How could we possibly come to an agreement?

You can contact me to discuss the details

I wrote you a contact form via themeforest. So if you write me back, we’ll see if we can come up with something.