Need expert help for join to Envato Market

Hi, i’m @Shavkatoff.
I am tried many time to upload to Envato Market such as ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. But Rejected, i think maybe my design not good as Developers. But code has been better.
I now asking about Envato Studio (before known as Microlancer):

  1. Is i can order theme on Microlancer for sell on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon?
  2. How design and/or code recommendation for me to learn to make me better developer.
  1. you can but you will need to make it very clear to the freelancer how you plan to use it.

Given you would want to sell it then it will be very expensive.

If it’s not your code are you going to be able to update it? What about support?

No one can “guarantee” a file is going to be approved so this could be an increasingly lengthy and expensive process.

  1. if you want to learn then check out Tuts+ and Google is always your friend

1.) Well, technically it is possible. If the developer of the theme you hire on Envato Studio will give you permission to sell that item on ThemeForest/CodeCanyon. But let’s be realistic, why would anybody do that? He can just sell that item by himself, right? And how you want to support item coded by somebody else? How you want to fix bugs, release updates for such item? You can forget about such approach, it’s nonsense.

2.) Most importantly, decide which path you want to take. You want to make designs, or just code PSDs to HTML/WordPress? Or both? Then read tutorials and practice as much as possible. Try to create your own projects, you don’t have to submit everything on Envato. Maybe you like video games, so try to make a fan page for your favourite one. Be proactive. You need a LOT of experience if you want to make it here.


So i can buy/order on Envato Studio and sell on ThemeForest, right? I think, Studio developers knows about rules and design. with Promoting is have many sites as i seen. Thanks

  1. It’s possible? If yes, i do that. Because better developer is anyway know and have best idea, code, design. With fix, update i can fix, update. I one word, i just want see my first project on my market. No matter how much selling count, 1 or 2 selling is need for me for see.
  2. I maked more good projects, but rejected. I think (even sure) i can’t make best design.


Using envato studio is like using a freelance site so if you can find someone who is willing to build you something to sell here then I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do that.

I think you should be expecting to pay thousands of $ to achieve it and need to be very careful who you get to work with you and how you make it clear in writing that they are passing ownership to you so that you can sell it without facing copyright issues.

You are much better persevering to learn how to do it yourself. The “quick earning” mentality is the single worst thing anyone can have when trying to submit files here.


Well, although I am fan of “learning from your own mistakes” concept, sometime it’s really better to just listen to more experienced people and save a lot of time and money in the process.

1.) Developing an item with ThemeForest level quality can take a LOT of time = it will be expensive

2.) NOBODY can guarantee you that it will be approved. Even experienced authors are getting rejected from time to time

So to sum it up: You can hire Elite ThemeForest author and pay him $50k for developing a theme for you, it still can be hard rejected.

But good luck anyway.

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Envato Studio developers makes template with, but not gives to customer Ownership license?


For me need that developer, can guarantee for approved

Not unless you make it clear you want to sell it. If they create and build it (irrelevant of if it is on request from someone) then it is still theirs unless expressively explained and put in writing before you start

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Thanks all

Salom @Shavkatoff ,

Narsayizni qabul qilishi uchun oddiy kategoriyadan uzizni sinab dizayniz odiyroq lekin uncha eski bo’lmagan va xatosiz kodlasayiz qabul qiladi


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Masalan qanday kategoriya tavsiya etasiz? Rahmat

Friends, you’re helped me a lot.
I now want make product myself and upload to ThemeForest and/or CodeCanyon.

Codacanyondan boshlaganingiz yaxshiroq.

Codecanyon asosan kodlashizga qaraydi agar javascript yo’nalishi bo’yicha qo’yadigan bo’lasangiz qabul qilish darajasi ko’proq keyin qitti vaqtdanam yutasiz tekshirish vaqti taxminan 1 yoki 2 ish kunini tashkil etadi themeforest taxminan 7 ish kunini oladi.

Qabul qilishini eng asosiy qismiga bu yerdakila 3 narsaga etibor beradi.

  1. Boshqalardan sal bo’sayam ajralib turadigan maxsulot bo’lishi kerak
  2. Albatta kodlagan narsangizni instruksiyasi bo’lishi shart
  3. Bexato kodlashga etibor bering

Yana bir narsa taxlaga ishingizni yuklashda talab qiladigan narsalarini to’liq va bexato to’ldiring

Agar qitti xarakat qilsayiz albatta narsangizni qabul qiladi.

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Rahmat tavsiyangiz uchun.
Menga Telegram yo Skype akkauntiz bo’lsa druzya tashlay olasizmi. Maslahat uchun.

Thanks, you’re best guys.