Hello everyone, give me some notes about my logo

hi maybe the main problem here is that there is nothing really new with what u have created , u have to keep in mind that this is a marketplace with tons of guys in town and a very large catalogue of varied items and that for something new to make it, there is sort of a freshness to bring to the table, so to speak. Otherwise, some the previews are not really valuing your work and making it look attractive, which is a mistake if u ask me, as the preview is the interface between the potential buyer or reviewer in one side and u and your work in the other corner, so u have to make sure that u select only things that make your item look desirable for people. The logo is also maybe a bit simple at this stage and probably losing commercial potential out of being rather easily and quickly redone. Finally but not least, the typo is definitely super flat and lacking additional ingredients for it to be taken to the next level., like variations, font combos and touches of originality

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