Give me feedback before I upload my logo for sale

Again, all the same mistakes

@romlam Please tell me what errors you mean so that I can fix the error

:man_facepalming: All here: Give me feedback about my logo

one of the main problems is the this is far from being super creative to say the least in the first place. There is sort of a deja vu feeling to say the least and this is not really a good idea , so to speak with an already much saturated market as it is … in addition, there is a good deal os small details that are sort of not perceptible in a small size and tend to deteriorate the way the preview looks in a small size. In addition, there seems to be a clear discrepancy between luxury standards and what u have done, mostly the luxury thing being definitely super minimalistic in mist cases. Furthermore, despite u added some not really necessary details indeed, the fact of the matter is that the logo is rather easy to redo quickly and without having ethereal knowledge of illustrator and without spending much of a time, which is decreasing the interest and commercial potential of your item. Most of the people fail to imbricate illustration and text properly, in your case, this is the other way around , instead fo failing to connect them , u connected them so much that the thing looks completely lacking of breathing and looks like choking visually speaking. Finally but not least the typo is flat to say the least , and judging by expectations that they have here as regard to this particular point, u seem far from standards at the stage , if u ask me …