Give me feedback before I upload my logo for sale

I made this logo and before I upload it to a graphic site I would like you to give me some notes and thanks

You made absolutely all the same mistakes that other authors wrote to you about last time.

What are the errors? Tell me to fix it, the colors are bad right?

All the same Give me feedback about my logo

Good. Tell me what do you think of the logo design, are there any designs that are completely similar to my own?

  • Lines on the tower are too thin.
  • Windows on the house are too small.
  • Birds are WAY too small, arranged in a unnatural formation, and generally not needed.
  • Font choice could definitely be better.
  • Colours are not ideal.
  • It looks like you’re mixing two different styles. The house and the towers look as if they were made by two different people.

Do you remember what I told you before? To practice outside of trying to sell it? Have you made any logos for practice?

Like romlam said, you made all the same mistakes again, the final product that you had last time was far better than this.

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hi as i used to mentioned to u formerly one of the main problems that u have here is that the logo is globally too detailed and a collection of more or less small detailed including some that will be synonymous for hardship for u as details , when the logo is judged in small size, like here, basically means either details disappearing or making the logo look rather bad. In addition, the concerned details turn out to be in the wrong colors on many occasions, like lines on the buildings , in other words, in the best case they are hardly seen and bring nothing to the table … i an not even talking about the birds flying in group like this lol there is no real legitimacy to put birds in the first place but when so small, no idea what this is being useful to …
then, huge issue, the typo is very very very far away from standards here - where typo is one of the main focus if not the most important one , no matter where u are posting … - basically the illustration and text and are not matching and no harmony at all is resulting from the concerned combination , this looks not good rather than any other thing … the tagline makes the thing even worse as this is not readable, this looks distorted and “chocking” badly out of having a kerning definitely not appropriate indeed. This is by far in black and white that the logo looks the best and some previews are rather putting u into trouble rather than any other thing, so why choosing to include them in the preview? finally, i think that the logo u have created is very unlikely to be compatible with a horizontal version and this is not being showed by the way , which is decreasing the commercial potential of your item indeed …