Give me feedback before I upload my logo for sale

It’s the 4th time you make the same mistaces

@romlam Thank you. Do you just mean that the logo looks bad when the preview is small enough? How can I solve this problem? Do I increase the distances that separate the logo elements, or what should I do?

Your logo is made up of very small details. When the logo is small, it will look bad. Laconic is lacking. This is the main problem. Beside there are a number of other problems that have already been written to you earlier


@romlam Well give me your opinion now I have modified my logo

The difference between what was and what I see now is extremely small

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@romlam Well, specify which elements should be modified so that I can adjust them now

lol well he could have read my former post and got to understand in details what was wrong once again with the item lol

I see no point in answering you, because apparently you do not read what the forum participants write to you (for the fourth time already). Sorry, but I’m leaving this topic.

@romlam Sorry, I am from Iraq and I do not know the English language well. I am translating the words but I do not understand everything you say so I find it difficult to design by what you advise me.

Sorry, but I’m not able to learn Arabic

Your logo is not a logo, it is a beginner’s drawing with a house.

If I explain you why Google Translate will fail.

Do yourself a favor and take some English lessons before you try anything here.

@DesignSomething @romlam @n2n44 I am a beginner and I would like to know and avoid all mistakes while designing my logos, but because I do not understand everything they say here, unfortunately I am facing the same mistakes. I would like to define the elements that make up the logo so that I know what exactly is wrong

hi if so , pls read carefully what u are told and try to keep it in mind, as it looks like that u are likely to come with the same mistakes from time to the other … if u have any doubt about what we know, just ask us to make it clear , we will try to do our best to be even more accurate indeed