Need feedback. Please help!

hi , well, the thing is that what u have here, at the moment, is really too basic … not only do u have a rather flat concept in the first place, but, in addition , the graphic part is not better , this is quite easy and quick to redo it, thus the commercial potential of your item is rather low in the end and why would a reviewer accept a file that maybe considered as having low commercial potential? look, why would people buy an item if they do not really save time out of buying it rather than redoing it? in addition, what u have here may be sort of clean when it comes to typo but this is also very flat and really lacking relief in terms of text. Introducing variations, font combinations and some touches of originality would really be welcome indeed. Maybe bringing some relief or some other thing on the main shape may also help to make the logo look more worked out and more worth the drive buying indeed