Has been rejected. For what? Need help, please!

Hi authors!
I was given a hard for this track. And I absolutely do not understand why.

Comment from reviewer - This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Thanx a lot!

Hey :wink:

If you compare your song to the rest of the corporate genre, you will notice that your track is quite slow. Composition is also a problem. The song has uninteresting harmonies, very slow progessions of chords. It does not evoke the feeling that “you want to hear more, get interested in the subject of the presentation, etc.”.

From 0:17, when the piano enters, the song exposes typical midi sounds. The sound of whistling is fine, but in the future I would reduce legato’s time, because there are moments of progression of notes when you can hear that whistling is not sounding naturally.

The low notes of the piano create problems in the 500hz band and below, although the mix is ​​not so bad, but you would like to “open” the mix and add a little more air and high frequencies. Additionally, the closed mix does not allow the listener to notice the main instrument, which is why the song gives the impression of the background itself, without the main theme, the melody.

Transitions using instruments and samples (cymbals swoosh for example) sound not natural, especially when speaking about transition when you using the piano in 0:31 - 0:35. ( this is not how real piano transitions sounds)

That’s all I can say, I recommend listening to the best-selling songs in this category.

Good luck

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Thank you, @WIDE-VIEW, for a detailed analysis of the track! With something I agree, something not. But, anyway, it is important for me to know how other authors rate my work! Thanx! ))