Really need your help, I have rejected the song



I think it was rejected because of too much melodies and/or mixing
I would like to hear your comments


Sounds fine. Who rejected the song? you? Envato team?


Envato rejected , can’t understand why, in mastering or in the arrangement


The piano sounds to “robot like” and the strings sounds like the 80’s. Strings are hard!
Check the top sellers in this category, their bass are really warm, but not swollen.


@BreezyMedia I am no expert, I just know how it feels to post for feedback and get nothing, so here is my constructive criticism. I think the melody is too “different”, it doesn’t fit well, it almost sounds ethnic which is not good for corporate genre. It is very repetitive with the melody, yes it does need to change up but the main melody you have running the entire song. The string and piano part at 1:10 is “all over the place” plus the background guitar strumming makes it sound like there is too much happening, you want the listener to “get” the song on the first listen through. Keep it simple, simple movements, simple melody changes. I think the palm mute guitar is cool and kick is strong and sounds great, maybe turn the kick down just a little. This is a great start arrangement wise! Keep working…My advice from other authors has always been to write something new after a rejection, don’t dwell on this one and try and rewrite this track. Keep moving forward and you will keep getting better! Again this is a really good starting point, so you do have talent. Good luck!


@SkinnyAtlasMusic made some great points there @BreezyMedia. I’d emphasize keeping it a little more simple - and try varying it up a little bit in places. All the biggest songs in the world are simple and satisfying to the ear!

Most importantly, tons of artists have songs rejected. I had one last week - it just happens, so don’t give up!


I think there 2 problems: yo repetitive arrangment (with this mix balance) and sample quality/mixing. Try to create more dinamyc sound. Hope it help you.