Has anyone else had this situation?


I had an agreement with a TF author to develop a Magento theme with one of my PSDs. We made a deal back in October last year.
They said the theme would be released in April and then at the end of April they said they need 2 or 3 months more…So it’s September now and I ve been trying
to reach them for more than 2 months now, they are not replying my emails and ignoring my skype messages. What’s even worse, they listed their upcoming
themes and I don’t see my design among them, oh yes and they also relased another magento theme in the meantime. So is there anyone who had a similar situation and what do you think I should do now?
They made me think they were working on it for almost a year, I was contacted by several authors during that time who wanted to work on it but I had to reject them because I already gave the rights to this author. As you
can see I’m avoiding to say who this author is but shouldn’t I open another tread to warn other designers to stay away from this author? Cold you please give me some advise?

Also is there any author here that is interested in collaboration? But someone who is honest and someone I can trust. I ve been disapointed so many times by different authors but I still beleive there are good people outhere who are not just successul authors but the persons of value who would never do something like this.

Thank you so much

I was in the same situation few years back. Well, there is not much you can do, especially if he haven’t signed a contract that he will do it. I know it sucks because after one year your PSD lost on its value. Bad luck.

I had signed the contract with another author but he changed his mind as well but at least he sent me an email to let me know about it! So even with the signed contract you can’t force someone to work on it! What I don’t understand is how can some just disappear like that, it’s not fair!