Your bad Partnership Experiences? TF/ Envato

So we all team up with other authors to create other versions of our products. A common practice, specially in Themeforest.

Did you ever had any bad experiences with such partnerships? Share them here, I’ll share mine.

My Story

In the beginning of 2015, I had partnered up with one of the Elite authors for my PSD template to be converted to WP Theme. Below is the almost 1- year long conversation I’ve had with them trying to get the work done.

Remember this is an Elite Level-9 author. I’ve cut down most of the text to make the image short and quick to read. Let me know if you want the actual & more painful conversation.

Disclaimer: I’ve hidden all the names & private info. This is just for “Educational Purpose” (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Green is them, Blue is me. Also notice the dates as you go down.

Moral: Choose your teams wisely, do not take jobs you can’t complete (In this case, start) in time.
Post away your stories…
P.S: Dear Ex- Partner, no hard feelings. GL :smile:


I’ve had the same experience with my first PSD. After a year (!) I just gave up, realized PSD is too old to give it to someone else and just left it there with less than 100$ of profit. lol.

So for anyone going into partnerships with PSD templates:

  • make sure both of you are okay with the timeline

  • be in contact with developer at least on a weekly basis (but best to add on slack and just communicate daily)

  • don’t let them continue with the project if they break their word twice

  • don’t accept timeline expansion if it’s not done mutually

  • are they doing something else (probbably more important) at the same time? RUN

  • are they elite authors? Doesn’t matter

You just need to play like a business. Once you start playing like a charity, you lose.

The problem is, that designers, developers etc live on the internet where it’s easy to hide, not do what you promise… If there are some kind of problems, pick a phone and talk with them in person. If you fuck it up, pick a phone, call and say you fucked up and you’re sorry.


Uh oh, such a bad experience :disappointed_relieved:

The easiest way to do is to work online. Be it WP theme or HTML template - developer can easily make his work online. Modern tools allow to setup work just as fast and easy as on localhost. So you will see the progress realtime. If nothing happens for days - just stop this partnership, or you will loose even more time an nervous. This means that the person is busy with other work, or not responsible or have not enough skills.

BTW, soon partnership will become even more complicated as we will be limited to single withdraw per month.


I am not have experience about partnership. But, i think…there are competition too between “Converters” … :wink: I mean and i think that you wouldn’t accepted another offering from other author to convert your PSD, HTML template, etc when you have give permission to some author. It’s just my opinion.

Spot on maartin.I agree with the points.

Hey Vikram

I had 4 guys do this on me. I gave them html template ready for the wp version and guess what they dont even have the balls to say anything about it. They could be selling my work on other market places or your work who knows.

The last two guys i worked with just gave them a week of notice if they do not show me a live linke they are FIRED.
I do not need clowns to work with hehe. I have one solid Wp guy that is a master and he is not a bullshitter.

I think you have to find a good coder but its not easy so before you give them any of your files do some research.




I know right. I’ve also had one other author do this to me, but I was quick to realize then, so less damage done. But this one, I’d agree it was somewhere my fault too when I went lenient & took it as “charity” as maartin previously said, which I shouldn’t have done.

Lesson learnt, I guess. :smile:

I have also gone through with this many times :frowning: but you see we can not predict someone for it. Sometimes its just luck, If you get good team you will be in a winning position else like you and me :smile:

The good thing which you wrote is if we can judge earlier and take ourself out from that thn we will be also in a better position

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Some elite autors are wer bad persons i tryed and wrotet to many of them and noone is helping for nothing they are selfish men belive me

i have 10 PSD templates and i dont know were to find someone to convert to the html or worldpress
2 guys toke my psd and desepere .

Best way is to get the designs published under PSD category and then asking people to partner up.
If you already have the designs approved, make a thread here asking people if they’re interested.

Remember, without any agreement, Elite or not, no one is obliged to reply to random emails. Best of luck with your designs. :slight_smile:

I think the relationship is bound to fail most of the time.

Because most designers want 50-50 sharing relationship. This is very unreasonable expectation, I think. Since developers have to do most of the work. They have to update the theme for as long as the theme is selling. So, it means the developer have to keep updating for 10 years or 20 years continuously.

However, the designer has to complete the job just once, or update the designs occasionally.

So, for an elite author, it will be more practical to hire a designer instead of partnering with someone here. Instead of sharing the percentage, he can just pay a designer and get the job done.

Therefore, I think designers should not go after elite authors. They should instead look for someone who is just starting out here.