Looking for Web Designer partnership

We are agency based in Serbia, working for couple years developing websites for our clients.
We have decided to try with ThemeForest, and we are looking for Web Designer who will deliver us PSD designs.

If you are interested you can contact us here or via WeCodeTheme@gmail.com

Check www.studio.envato.com for approved freelancers

You can contact me anytime!

Better look under PSD templates category and contact the authors regarding your proposal. I am sure many will be interested.

Freelancers on Envato Studio are more service focused so I won’t recommend it if you are looking to build a theme on partnership (A product) as it will require collaboration on both the sides.

Partner with someone who has a portfolio on themeforest and who understands the market.

Are you sure about that? I’m an author at ThemeForest / GraphicRiver as well as the other freelancers at Studio. Some of them even are doing better job compare to the authors on PSD category

You are on all the markets, you are the man and I mean it. :smiley:

I need some advice from you ki themes. Can you add me on Skype? My skype is crelegant

I am looking for partnership at the moment, and not for one time service :slight_smile:

It’s better to move this thread to here What do you think?