i mAde a deal with One Developer and hee Desepere with 7 PSD themes

4 months ago i maded a deal with Some developers and sended my 7 psd themes to code them and togedher submit and sell at TF. but the guy desapere i dont know what to doo hee took my themes and is gone ???
administrators please contact me and i will send you name ando infos of that Developer

Unfortunately envato can’t/won’t get involved in these type of agreements.

They can’t submit a coded version of your design without your permission or agreement so you don’t need to concern yourself with that happening but I appreciate how frustrating and disappointing it would be.

Maybe they Tryed to upload them like HTML and the envato rejected them now if i want to upload them liek PSD so i lost my chance of Approvall …

Not at all - if you can prove it’s your design (or just put a note on the submission explaining) then it won’t stop you trying to submit it

thank you dear charlie . i will do what you said