Hard Song Reject. Lack of Recording or Commercial quality? What do you think?

Hi Everyone,

I posted this song for feedback earlier. That was before sumbitting. I got some feedback and changed some stuff.
Now, sadly is had been rejected for this reason: This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately. "

My question to you is; do think it’s because of the recording quality or the actual commercial quality and chances of selling the product. Because I think it could work for quite some projects

I had a version with vocals, but the one here, without vocals, is the one i submitted.
The one with vocals I added as an extra track in the ZIP file.

I really appreciate your feedback!

in my opinion it’s all about the drums. The rest is quite good but the drums are weak and the groove isn’t super solid. I’d get more “4 on the floor” with it, keep it simple, and shorten up the intro… wayyy too long. You’re almost a minute before any real percussion even starts to happen.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll make sure to look in to that for my new songs.
There used to be vocals halfway in the intro. African voices like.
My previous song had a really short intro, and that was also a point of feedback. Maybe I’ve overdone it this time, by making it too long.

Thanks again!

Hello, the drums are a bit busy to my taste, and given the fact it sounds more like a corporate than a real indie rock, as @RobertReid said, a simple 4 on the floor would be nice.

Now for the intro, I now keep mine around 8 to 10 seconds, not more. This is stock music :slight_smile:

The thing that helped me start to get a few approvals was to use a well produced, good selling, recent track as a template for the arrangement. Use your own musical ideas obviously but nothing wrong with using another tracks arrangement as a starting point, also good as a reference for mixing as well.

Hi Robert. That’s good advice, and actually, i have been doing that. Maybe I chose the wrong songs though. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice!