Hard Rejected Song - Reason "Production Standard"



Unfortunately, I just had this song rejected, could anyone tell me why?

Reason in the rejection email: “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.”

I honestly cant work out why, as this is probably better than my other stuff that I have for sale on AJ.

I’m a little miffed, as I thought this was pretty good, and commercially viable. =’(

Any clues?


Drums are way too compressed and nearly mono in an otherwise ok stereo mix.


Mmmhmm, the drums are meant to be like that. I wouldn’t call it an unpleasant compression; it’s meant to be very aggressive. Plus width in the drums would have interfered with the double tracked hard-panned guitars.


Too repetitive IMO. Mix is not balanced. Drums almost mono, bass live its separate live. You need to spend more time to clean mix and polish it.


Its not that bad :slight_smile: Look at Oasis, their mixes were shocking! :slight_smile:

But agree with the others above, just needs to be a little less compressed + cleaner, did you do 2 versions with and without vocals too?



A bit noisy, over compressed, repetitive and short.


Its a nice track but when you compress the whole drum group try to side chain c6 from waves like 3 to 6 % because hard compression is only suitable on electronic kits and not that much amount . Hope that helps brother.


Hi SilvermanSoundStudio!

The idea of your track is very good! The fact is that the product itself was released a little compressed. audiojungle moderators are very fond of neat tracks with minimal compression.
Even some commercial tracks in various genres (sometimes) sound much louder than even the top songs from audiojungle. Do not worry and do not in any case do not stop!
I believe that you can overcome these difficulties!

All the best!:sunglasses:


if you say repetitive then listen to corporate genre (joking) :slight_smile:
imo the song if pretty decent, except the mixdown is harsh on high mids (especially the main riff). maybe the drums are a bit overcompressed but I don’t see it as a reason of hard rejection and who really cares about it nowadays?

shit happens @SilvermanSoundStudio keep em coming!


Awesome, I appreciate the feedback everyone! I’m still finding my feet here so all these tips are really useful thanks!

I guess I was a little liberal with the compressor, haha. I did side chain the drum bus, but I was kinda going for the harsh trashy, aggressive sound, and I quite like it when frequencies of instruments overlap a bit in this genre (I mainly do orchestral stuff, which is pretty much entirely overlap…)

I’m guessing it’s also personal taste, as I’ve got some of my more wooly mixes approved, damn subjectivity!


Are the forums the only way to get any feedback on rejected material? I have just setup my Audiojungle a/c and submitted 2 pieces, both of which got hard rejections, but no qualitative or objective feedback so its hard to know how to address. I’ve read a lot of FAQ and forum posts but I’m still figuring out how to work this package androute (so apologies for what must be a regular question)!