Wow, all our tracks got hard rejected on AJ, any help?

Hi there, we’ve got all these tracks rejected, once by one (and after 22 days from their submission :slight_smile:
May somebody please give us your opinion on them in order for us to improve those tracks?

Thanks so much!


Hi there , I really like your tracks but i’m great fan of Rock & Roll and Punk music. There are a couple of things that could be better.

  1. Your mixes MUST be better , when your are mixing your tracks , the best way to the perfect mix is to find you refference track . That’s always a track with a similiar sound like your track. Listen to the kick drum on that track , and try to make your kick drum sound like that one. The same principle use with bass guitar, E. Guitar and other instruments.

  2. Try to look your tracks from the perspective of a buyer. This 4 tracks are R & R songs made of drums, bass and guitar.The arrangement is like you’re making this tracks for your band , that’s not good for commercial usuage.

  3. Be easy on solo parts. Not many buyers want to hear your virtuoso solo parts, they want cathy stuff (not always of course),

  4. Your guitar panning is a bit confusing . Guitar in the right speaker is louder than left one. In music arrangements that can be cool mixing trick, but not in this one.

  5. Try adding some synths to make the track sounds ritcher.

  6. Keep on recording and mixing and everything will pay off enetually !

This is one of my tracks with a similar problems like your tracks , only the mix is better.
It sounds like I was making a song for my band , and it sold zero times :slight_smile:

Best of luck guys !

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I agree with Fanki to an extent, BUT, I wouldn’t say “band songs” are bad for commercial usage. No, they won’t sell in corporate numbers but many buyers want more authentic “real” music to use with their videos. There is definitely a market for that in the licensing business (I sell stuff like that myself). And even though AJ might not accept even a perfectly mixed “band track” many other sites most certainly will.

But, the real problem here is the mixing. They sound like demos and have an overall muddy sound. I think your playing is really great and very tight (contrary to many accepted tracks here)…

@flumen ,Maybe I wasn’t clear enough about ‘‘band songs’’ . I sold a couple of film licenses with that kind of music ( that was my only film licences ) :slight_smile: . I was thinking about the arrangement of the song - 4 Bars chorus , 8 bars verse , 8 bars chorus etc… When you’re making a music for your band , you have a lead singer , and he is filling that empty space in the sound… So you have to find some other instrument to replace your ‘‘singer’’ , and the track will have richer sound !

Sorry for misunderstanding dude ! :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck guys !!

Thanks so much for your feedback, it really helps :wink:

Thanks for your feedback, I’m actually a guitar player, the other instruments are virtual ones from Logic X, maybe I should add some synths to make the songs richer.

Makes sense, I agree!

Yes, I meant the guitar playing, really nice! I’m a guitar player myself and I know how hard it is to record intricate parts so they sound perfect.

with better mix and master all tracks can be accepted ! thats my opinion and i have lots of hard rock tracks on AJ !

right, because there are a lot of hard rock tracks on AJ, just guitar-bass-drums, so my tracks may have been rejected just because of a not good mixing…

I’m in hurry so I listened only to your first track. This could actually be very good if it was mixed and mastered better. I think that’s the main problem. I see that people already gave you good advices here and I agree with them. But don’t get discouraged, just keep practicing and learning and you’ll get there for sure :wink:

thanks, we’ll keep pushing :slight_smile:

Just my opinion man. :slight_smile:

i appreciate it :wink:

If you ask me, i listened quickly to all of them.

I’m not analyzing sound quality, they definitely are not mastered in studio over big SSL mixers, with tubes etc processors.

But to me, even if they do not sound perfectly crisp as mastering, they sound really well as

  • song structure
  • ideeas
  • well implementation of instruments
  • professionalism
  • etc

If you ask me "Ok, but why they got rejected?"
I can only think in this case of :

  • not really finding a commercial use for the songs
  • they really sound like perfect background for a good rock band to sing over it
  • they need some 2-3 days on each work on mastering, so they sound bright, with good punch and low end,
    excellent solid mids, etc

That’s all I can think about these.

On another note, since I myself love rock tunes,
I really want to congratulate you on your works!

thanks so much!

in my opinion very banal melodies :confused: