Would love feedback on my track that was Hard Rejected

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques?

Hi, I think this kind of track can’t be accepted here cause it has no commercial potential for audiojungle. I’ve never heard this kind of a track here. If you listen to other tracks here you will hear that they are mostly instrumentals made to be some kind of a background music in presentations and commercials. So, it’s not about the quality of the song,I think it’s just the wrong place to upload that style of music :wink:

I agree with @WaveToys. It’s not bad, but it’s nof for AudiJungle :slight_smile:

Gotcha, that’s helpful. Although the email I received said that the recording, mixing and mastering quality weren’t up to standard either. It’s also disappointing because now I’m unable to make an instrumental that better fits what they’re looking for and upload it because I was hard rejected.

Thanks for your feedback!

Don’t worry, I think it’s just generic automated copy paste answer, not the actual opinion of the reviewer :wink:

Great lyrics @wes_yee :slight_smile: It’s probably not top seller track , but why don’t you give it a try ? No one knows what will sell great on the stock ! Cheers guys !