Track rejected! Help!

Hi! My track was hard rejected. Please tell me what’s wrong with me? of course I will sell this track on other resources, but would like to know why it is not suitable for audiojungle?!

It seems to me that this track is difficult to find commercial use, it is difficult to attribute it to some genre and it does not have a certain mood. Personally for me it sounds a little bit “looped”, and the vocal samples only add misunderstanding.

@anon65936426 - thank you for your opinion…

I agree w/@anon65936426, and would also suggest that you create a clear structure for your next track that has a solid intro, beginning, middle and end. Take the listener on a ride and make your track editor-friendly :slight_smile:

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@maryshaw - Thank you! I need to listen to more commercial music to understand what’s best for the visuals :nerd_face:
Thank you for taking the time for me!

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